Planning an affordable UK staycation with the family

Staycation is becoming and increasingly millennial phenomenon. While short-haul flights are certainly cheaper than they used to be, a trip abroad can rack up a substantial bill. For family with small children, a staycation offers a pleasant alternative; to be away from home, but without the fuss of international travel. Some families may worry that a staycation might not be as indulgent or fun as lazing on a beach halfway across the globe. However, by changing your mindset and approach, you can have just as much fun on our own shores and countryside. 

Enjoy family dinners both inside and out 

One of the best parts about being on holiday is the time spent with your family that isn’t rushed. Being able to sit down for dinner and not be whisked away to after-school clubs or other events is a rare pleasure. When enjoying a staycation it’s best to enjoy a happy mixture of self-catering and indulgent meals out. While you’re on holiday you may well treat your family to dessert more than you usually would, or maybe even order the odd takeaway to enjoy in front of the television. 

When you’re enjoying a meal out on the town, why not make the most of the fact that you are holidaying in Britain? There are plenty of pubs offering traditional cuisine that’s of a high quality and feels like a treat. If you were staying in Berkshire, for example, then The Corner House Pub Windsor has a happy mixture of seasonal and classic gastro food to enjoy. 

Visit infamous spots

Just because you grew up in the UK doesn’t mean that you’ve necessarily seen all that his has to offer. Many of us have spent most of our adult lives living and working here without really visiting some of the most famous spots. For instance, you could take your family to see Shakespeare’s home in Stratford-upon-Avon. Or, you could spend time in Northern Ireland and take a visit out to see The Giant’s Causeway. It might even be worth spending time in London to be the quintessential tourist and visit the Tower of London and the London Eye; there’s no shame in visiting tourist hotspots if you yourself have never experienced them. 

Plan your staycation theme

What do you want to take from your staycation? Do you want to teach your kids how to camp? Spend more time by the beach? Learn a few adventure sports? By planning a ‘type’ of staycation, you can plan around that theme. For example you could plan a tour of British seasides, or organise an adventure holiday just for the kids. Investigating the best camping spots in the UK could save you even more money on accommodation. 

More than ever, British families are spending their summer holidays back in Blighty. Not only is it an affordable way to spend the summer holidays, but it’s also a great excuse to keep things simple. You don’t have to empty your savings to enjoy a nice meal out, time by the beach or discover historical sites.

Kelly Tate