Everything You Wanted to Know About Wine

It is okay to admit that wine intimidates you just a bit. There is so much about wine that you do not know, such as the difference between red wine, white wine, or a honeymead.

You have probably heard the confusing language regarding wine, such as wine notes. Well, the following is a simple guide that will help you get started in the world of wines.

Wine Tasting

Perhaps one of the most intimidating aspects of wine is wine tasting, but the truth is that every wine aficionado started where you are right now. It takes time to fine-tune your ability to sense those different notes in a particular wine, so it is okay to take your time as you sample different wines.

One of the best ways to train your taste buds to detect those subtle differences is to visit wineries where they allow you to taste a number of wines. Remember, the key to tasting wine is making sure you get a good sniff as your sense of smell will unlock the beautiful notes within the wine.

Learn More About Wines

The next thing you want to do is learn more about wines like the difference between red and white wines. For the most part, red wines pack a lot more flavor than white wines, and red wines are usually darker than white wines. Of course, both wines are fermented, but white wines ferment the juice from the grapes rather than the entire fruit.

After learning a little more about red and white wines, you need to learn about the different regions that produce wine because each one makes a specific type of wine compared to others. For example, France is known for wines like the Merlot or the Pinot Noir while Italy is known for wines like the Moscato. For those wondering what is Moscato, now you can be confident about where this kind of wine comes from.

Understanding Flaws in Wine

Sometimes, beginners get turned off by a bad wine experience, and that is truly a shame. Most of the time, a bad wine experience is the result of improper wine handling or producing. As time goes on, you will learn how important things like proper wine storage are to ensuring that your wine tastes as it was supposed to taste.

There are a number of signs telling you that the wine was not produced right or that the wine was not stored correctly, like a damp, musty smell that is normally associated with improper storage. Knowing the flaws will make you a better wine taster and buyer, which is part of what you want to do.

Serving Wine With Intent

The next thing you want to do is learn how to serve your wine correctly. There are three things you should be concerned about, which is glassware, temperature, and preservation. Glassware is important because it was designed to help you inhale the scent of your wine as you drink, which enhances the experience.

Temperature is vital for red and white wines. White should be served relatively cool but not too cold, and red wines need to be enjoyed at a relatively warm temperature but not too warm either. A white wine that’s served too cool might end up tasting flavorless while a red wine that is too warm might taste flabby or too alcoholic.

For the most part, white wines need to stay between 49 degrees and 55 degrees while red wines should be between 62 degrees to 68 degrees.

Whenever you store an open wine, you need to make sure you use a vacuum pump to remove the air before sealing it. Air degrades the wine given enough time, which is what you want to prevent.

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