How to Tell if You Have a Pest Infestation

As a homeowner, there are some obvious things you need to look out for when you’re cleaning like black mold, dampness, and, most importantly, pest infestations. These can be devastating and can cause some serious problems in your home. Here are some of the signs to look out for to tell if you have an active pest infestation. 

#1 Chew marks and holes

Chew marks are signs of a rodent. Holes could mean anything from insects to rats, all of which are things you don’t want around the house. They can do some serious damage. Scratches along walls are another thing to look out for because they can be tell-tale signs of mice or even something a little larger. 

#2 Damaged fabrics and furniture 

Damaged fabrics and furniture can mean you are looking at a lot of problems. It means you might have rodents eating your furniture, or your wooden furniture might have woodworm or termites. These can be incredibly difficult pests to get rid of due to their high reproduction rate and how fast they can spread. To get rid of them, it might be worth getting in the experts, such as, involved. 

#3 Insect dead bodies

OK, this one is a giveaway. Finding dead bodies of insects in your home means you need to take immediate action. Finding them can mean that you have all kinds of diseases on your surfaces, which means you need to clean them regularly until you get your pest issue fixed. As well as being gross, these can smell, so ensuring you regularly check places you wouldn’t usually clean too often needs to be added to your daily routine. 

#4 Signs of nesting 

Signs of a nest or a hive need to be looked for regularly. Check-in your attic, behind your hot water tank, and in between your floorboards. These are all prime spots for infestations to breed and grow. You can save yourself a lot of time by frequently cleaning these places and checking them, as then you know what to do if something changes. 

#5 Grubby build-up on walls, the floor, and in corners

If you notice a slime on or slickness to your wall, you need to get it checked out immediately. Don’t touch it with bare hands and keep pets and children as far away from it as possible. This grubby layer is created either by pest excrement or by rodents running up and down next to the wall and leaving debris from their fur. Marks like these can be a sure indicator of a path that pests use or can be the main way to a nest or hive. If you suspect squirrels might be in your home, you may wish to call someone like this Humane Squirrel Trapping in Alpharetta service out to humanely remove the animals from your property so you can enjoy your home once again.

Chew marks, holes, damaged fabric and furniture, dead pest bodies, looking for nests, and noticing grubby build-up on walls could all be signs of a pest infestation. You should probably look for these things every time you clean, as it could save you a nasty shock of seeing a rat in your kitchen or being stuck in a bathroom with a cockroach in front of the door.

Kelly Tate