5 Benefits of Using Serving Buckets for Your Chips

It used to be that chips would always come on the side of the plate, but restaurants are becoming increasingly innovative in the way this popular British staple is presented. Small serving buckets are a popular option, and there are more than a few reasons why.

Here are just five key benefits.

  1. Charming Style

There are practical benefits that come with using serving buckets for your chips, but perhaps the most obvious advantage is simply enhancing the aesthetics. Chips are a traditional food that work well with more rustic styling, and a metal serving bucket is ideal for achieving such an effect.

  1. Heat Retention

On to the practical benefits. Buckets are ideal because they keep the chips packed together instead of having them laid out across a plate. This helps them retain their warmth, so customers will be able to enjoy the rest of their meal without worrying about the chips going cold. This is just one reason why fast food companies almost always provide their French fries in upright containers that pack them closely together.

  1. Easy Eating

It’s easy to reach over and pluck a couple of chips out of a bucket because they will mostly be oriented vertically. Additionally, buckets don’t take as much space as plates, so you can pass a bucket of chips around the table if they are being shared. In any case, it’s a lot more convenient for your diners.

  1. Separates Your Food

Plenty of people prefer to separate their food, usually so they can avoid mixing sauces and flavours. Buckets are ideal because the chips are naturally set apart from everything else, while on a plate everything is mixed together.

  1. Easy to Flavour

Finally, chips in a serving bucket are a lot easier to flavour. If you pour salt or pepper over them, the grains are going to cascade downwards, coating each chip evenly, and the same is true when you use a sauce. This is nicer for diners, and you could see yourself saving money on your condiments.

Kelly Tate

Kelly Tate

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Kelly Tate