How businesses can take steps to reduce their use of single plastics with paper bags

Reducing your businesses carbon footprint and the amount of rubbish its activities produce is a great way to improve your perception of the public and increase the overall quality of your marketing. If you operate in the retail sector you may find that by selling products to the consumer directly you produce a lot more waste than businesses operating in other sectors. Indeed, research suggests that a lot of business are currently not looking into ways they could reduce their carbon footprint.

Despite these challenges, taking simple steps to reduce the number of single-use plastics you go through by adopting items like paper bags and refillable sanitizer bottles will quickly set your business onto a more environmentally friendly future. Here are some of the practical ways you can make your business greener.

Try and source products that are produced using renewable energy

When it comes to sourcing sustainable products from wholesalers, profit often comes into consideration before environmental implications. However, this is changing as businesses take a more long term view on the environment. If you buy products like paper bags and food packaging from sources that focus on renewable energy and sustainability, you will be making your business more sustainable itself.

Adopt paper bags over single-use plastic ones

Plastic bags are one of the biggest contributors to our landfills, and this is one of the reasons why many businesses have moved away from offering them. The charge introduced on single-use bags has opened many up to the possibility of paper bags. These are a more sustainable way of packaging your goods to customers. Research also suggests that having your branding on bio-degradable paper bags also increases the perceived sustainability of your company.

Find a sustainable way to recycle cardboard and packaging

For many large retailers a lot of the waste doesn’t come through the wholesale products themselves, but the packaging they come in. This problem affects all manner of businesses from retailers to restaurants. We recommend getting a cardboard compressor to quickly press the cardboard into blocks. This can then be sent off and made into recycled paper products like paper bags and recycling paper.

What are the benefits of being a more environmentally friendly business?

When it comes to business, naturally profit is a high priority. If you can reduce the amount of waste you produce by offering reusable products like paper bags you will see cost savings through higher employee morale, better marketing and reduced product shrinkage.

Kelly Tate