Tips For Planning a Successful Holiday Party

A lot of people may find themselves asking how they can make their holiday party as successful as possible.  When there’s so much pressure around places like Pinterest to make your party the best that it can possibly be, it’s easy to start feeling like you need to step up your game!

Don’t panic, however.  You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to throw a perfectly fantastic holiday party.  Here are some of the best tips to make sure everyone leaves your party remembering that they had a great time.

Plenty Of Beverages

The holidays are a time of eating and drinking! In addition to your spread of holiday treats and hors d’oeuvres, you should have a wide selection of things to drink.  Assuming your guests all have a reliable way of getting home so no one drives under the influence,  keep the drinks flowing and offer plenty of options.

Since not everyone likes to drink alcohol, make sure that you also offer plenty of non-alcohol options.  For your alcohol drinkers, you should always provide a varied selection of hard liquor to beer to wine. Since alcohol can be pricey, you may opt for asking guests to bring a bottle each.  You can cut down your expenses by hundreds by this one simple request.

Provide a Holiday Activity

Consider offering a fun activity for everyone to participate in rather than just the food and drink format. There are all sorts of fun activities to choose from, from karaoke to a white elephant gift exchange.  You may even consider more creative options like an ugly sweater contest or Santa look-alike contest. It all depends on what kind of crows you’re inviting.

Encourage Conversation

Since not all of your guests may know each other, try to mingle the room and encourage conversation.  Rather than a sit-down meal, you may want to consider standing only which encourages people to mingle.

Give Back To The Community

Christmas is all about the spirit of giving.  Therefore, you should consider asking for charity donations or food drive for a local organization.  To encourage people to participate more you can even turn it into a healthy competition, offering a prize to the person who donated the most.

Music Is a Must

Parties aren’t a party unless there is music playing and people are feeling festive.  One of the best ways to boost your party’s atmosphere is to get everyone dancing and in the mood for celebration with the power of music. Choose a playlist which is comforting and relaxed with a few dancefloor hits mixed intermittently.

For parties which have a larger guest count, you may want to consider a DJ or live musicians if your budget allows for it.

Kelly Tate

Kelly is a full-time supermum, caring for two kids and a hardworking husband. A cook, a cleaner, a carer and all round hard worker, striving for the perfect family life (with a few bumps along the way!) Eternally honest and sometimes brutally forward, no topics are off limits with Kelly.
Kelly Tate