Five Exciting Ideas To Give The Classic Burger A New Character

Burgers are loved by everyone. There’s no contest about that. But to level up everyone’s burger experience, different variations were made. These enhancements and flavorful innovations paved the way for the burger to be loved even more. From the classic, its appeal becomes more magnanimous through the use of different gastronomic elements for the burger’s additional WOW factor.

Here are some interesting ways to level up the already impeccable taste of the classic burger:

Stuffed Burgers

Sure, burgers are burgers because of their toppings. This is something that New York Minute Burgers in South Melbourne is proud of. It can be from the usual pickles, onions, and tomatoes to avocadoes, kimchi, and even deep-fried onion rings. As long as it can be accommodated by the bun, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having as many toppings as it can ever have.

However, a stuffed burger gives it a little bit more surprise. Just when the burger makes a boring impression, the wonderful twist suddenly explodes the moment you bite into it. Such a burger twist makes delectable incorporation more exciting. As all stuffed ingredients are cooked, its flavors melt into the meat which makes it more robust and savory.

Smaller Burgers For Everyone

Thanks to the sliders, everyone can have a bite of the awesome burger without going overboard! This is ideal for those who can’t get enough of burgers but are conscious about their figure. With sliders, moderation is the key. Have one or two small slider pieces and your burger craving is instantly satisfied. Even better, it is guilt-free! It’s as good as the tapas served in your neighborhood authentic Spanish restaurant.

Teriyaki Burgers

Give the usual mustard, mayonnaise, and ketchup a rest. Level up your burgers with a unique oriental twist by making Teriyaki Burgers! While gingerly mixing the meat before turning it into individual patties, add teriyaki sauce of your choice.

Not only will the teriyaki sauce add sweetness and tanginess to the burger, but it helps in caramelization for that signature char-grill effect. If burgers are in itself irresistible, imagine how much more intoxicating and tempting it will be with the touch of teriyaki sauce.

Breakfast Burger With Egg

Add a fried, runny, and yolky egg to your burger and you have yourself a Breakfast Burger! That’s one complete and heavy meal sandwiched in fantastic buns. The breakfast burger is perfect for those who are on the go.

Don’t tackle the busy and hectic day with an empty stomach. No matter how busy the day is, you can always find the time to feast on that burger. Wait until you bite into the yolk as it starts oozing out. That’s enough indication that the day is going to be awesome!

Salmon Burger

Give the beef burger its much-needed vacation. You can have it some other time. Level up your burger experience by going a little bit healthier without sacrificing its flavor. This time around, try making a Salmon Burger! Having this burger type lets you enjoy the meatiness and creaminess of the usual beef burger but with a different depth of flavor.

Its characteristics are inexplicably good especially when paired with your choice of toppings. It can either take on a unique Asian infusion or Cajun spin. Anyway, the sky’s the limit. You can use any topping and additional flavor elements to make the salmon burger stand out among the rest.

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