5 Must-Haves For The Perfect Summer Barbecue

Hosting a barbecue is the perfect way to throw an event with friends this summer.  Although a barbecue is considered less formal than hosting a sit-down dinner party with guests, it still requires a considerable amount of details.

Without planning ahead, you risk missing out on making the event as great as it can possibly be.  The idea is to create a perfect summer environment while feeding everyone delicious food.

Here are some of the most essential summer barbecue must-haves in order to have the perfect event. 


A barbecue isn’t really barbecue without plenty of options for beverages to choose from.  Since not all of your guests will have the same preferences, it’s important that everyone has something for their tastes.

Younger children will usually require juice and water, while older folks may prefer beer and cocktails. It’s a good idea to keep two coolers handy — one full of non-alcoholic options and one with alcohol.  Remember, since people will be drinking alcohol, you should encourage designated drivers or taxis home. Driving drunk isn’t just illegal; it’s dangerous!


Outdoor activities aren’t just fun for kids, but also for the older crowd too!  Games like croquet or horseshoe toss are a fun background activity for people to take part in.

Activities keep the little ones happy and provide a way for the adults to stay engaged with each other as well. 


Is it really an outdoor barbecue without music? Make sure that you have at least one outdoor speaker so that people can listen to their favorite tunes that get everyone in the barbecue spirit.

You can either program a playlist ahead of time or allow guests to control the music themselves. 

A Grill

Make sure that you don’t forget the most crucial part of the entire day- the meat!  Your barbecue will be severely lacking without the presence of a grill.

If you’re planning on hosting a considerable amount of guests, then you should opt for a sturdy and large grill that can accommodate the number of people you’ve invited. 


Although you and your guests may be eager to enjoy that summer sun, too much of a good thing is possible.  Make sure that your guests don’t overheat or get sunburned. Make sure that you have some seating available under some shade.  

Your backyard cook-out isn’t just about the food! It’s all about creating a party that sets the tone for summertime and all that it encompasses.  By making sure that you’ve got all the right elements in place with plenty of time to spare, you’ll be much more likely to have a fantastic time with your friends and family.

Kelly Tate