Drinking Versus Drinking and Driving

It’s one thing to drink alcohol. It is something entirely else to drink and drive. There are all sorts of reasons to drink alcohol. Some are related to health. Others are related to culture. And there are many other perspectives to appreciate alcohol from. However, drinking and driving should never be an option.

So when you’re thinking about the difference between just drinking and drinking and operating a motor vehicle, consider ramifications like personal health, the desire to stay away from lawyers, how many types of alcohol go with meals to improve them, and how groupthink may affect your decisions.

Drinking For Health

Studies show that light drinking may be healthier for you than not drinking at all. Alcohol doesn’t necessarily become a problem until after you hit a certain ratio. Someone who enjoys an alcoholic beverage every once in a while, or even regularly but on a small scale, is not going to be particularly poorly affected by their habit. Heavy drinking is another issue. But regardless of how you approach it concerning health, as soon you are impaired with your decision-making or your reflexes, you should take the option of driving away from yourself.

Stay Away From Needing Lawyers

If you get caught drinking and driving, there is going to be a DUI in your future. There are going to be fines. There may be jail time. You may have to contact a DUI lawyer to find out what your options are and what is the best way to proceed. Drinking in itself will not have you end up in a jail or talking to an attorney. Drinking and driving will potentially lead you to both of those areas quite quickly.

Alcohol To Go With Meals

In many cases, certain types of alcohol go with your meal. Think drinking sake while eating sushi. Or having a dark beer while eating a steak. Those are all totally normal and enjoyable activities. But, after you get past a certain point of alcoholic consumption, it doesn’t matter what your meals were. What matters is that you don’t get behind the wheel. Learn to enjoy your drinks with your food, but not with your driving.

Don’t Fall For Groupthink

Groupthink is a powerful thing when it comes to drinking and driving. If you’re leaving the bar with a whole bunch of friends and everyone has separate cars, you may think that it’s okay to drive away just as drunk as they are. However, they are taking their own risks, and you don’t have to be involved. There is always another option when it comes to getting home as opposed to getting on the road after having had enough to drink that your driving skills are not at their optimum level.

Kelly Tate

Kelly Tate

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Kelly Tate