Heading Out on The Road? Here Are The Best Foods To Bring Along

If you’re heading out on an adventure, or simply have to travel hundreds of miles by car or RV to get to your destination, you will need a few meals, and a lot of snacks to help you get to where you want to be.

Flavorsome foods for your trip 

Some of the very best foods to take with you are not necessarily those that you associate with roads (Chips, candy bars, and multi-packs of soda etc.), some of these foods are a little bit healthier than you think, but don’t let that put you off, we know that flavor is important.

  • Cheese crackers make great traveling companions, and don’t take up too much room in a car or even a small RV, plus they’re usually packed with protein too.
  • Fruit such as apples, will keep you feeling full, thanks to the high fiber content. Bananas are also great too, just make sure they don’t get knocked around too much, or they will turn black.
  • Jerky is a great snack to take with you, and is the perfect source of protein, and of course, flavor. If you don’t want to buy jerky, consider making it yourself. Jerky is known not just for its flavor, but for its low fat content too, so why not have a little bit more?

What about meals?

Although it’s good to snack on foods now and again, you will need to eat a proper meal. Preparing a pot roast while you’re on the road is usually out of the question, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a satisfying dinner. Note: all of these meals need to be prepared before you leave.

  • Tortillas with Tomato, basil, and mozzarella, garnished with a little spinach. Wrapped up nicely, and kept cool, this makes the ideal meal when you’re on the road.
  • Pasta to go! If you can keep the chicken cool, then a chicken and pasta dish can be divided into portions and eaten cold along the way.
  • Pizza sandwich – yes, you read that right! Take one ciabatta, and stuff it with cheese, tomatoes, herbs, salad, and anything else that you usually put on a pizza.

Who is the messy one?

Life out on the road can be a little tough, so make sure you treat yourself now and again to keep the morale up. Oh, and just in case one of you is messy, make sure you take some hand sanitizer, baby wipes, and some paper towels with you. Be sure to take some bags with you too, you’ll need to put that trash somewhere.

What would you like to eat on the road?

Think about what you and your travel buddies would like to eat on the road. Get together and make your meals before you leave, and don’t forget to keep them cold. Heading out onto the highway shouldn’t mean that you miss out on tasty nutritious meals; plan ahead, and enjoy your culinary creations on the road.

Kelly Tate

Kelly Tate

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