How Long Should You Exercise on a Bike Each Day

Riding a bike is a great way to get daily exercise, stay in shape and enjoy the outdoors. The length of time you should exercise on a bicycle for meneach day will vary based on your goals and fitness level. Here are some guidelines to follow for timing your rides.

How Long to Ride for General Fitness

If you’re looking for a low-impact cardio workout to keep up your health, bicycling is a fun choice. Taking several rides a week on womens hybrid bikes can help reduce stress, improve overall health and ensure restful sleep.

You’ll find the best results by taking your bicycle for men out several times a week, rather than on one long weekend ride. According to Cycling Weekly, you’ll build up fitness momentum most effectively by riding your bike for at least 30 minutes every two or three days.

How Long to Ride for Weight Loss

Cycling can be a great option for gradual, sustainable weight loss. If your goal for hopping on hybrid bikes for men is to shed a few pounds, it’s recommended to slowly build up the length and distance of your rides.

Riders who head out at a medium speed can burn 300 calories over the course of six or seven miles, or just over half an hour of riding. Calorie burn will vary depending on the type of terrain you’re riding on, with hilly areas offering a greater challenge.

The key to riding for weight loss is developing a habit and sticking to it. You might start at a 10 mile per hour pace and slowly build up both speed and distance. As you increase capacity for miles and minutes, you’ll be establishing a new hobby that allows you to relax and enjoy the scenery.

How Long to Ride for Training

For those training for a long bike ride or a road race, the amount of time you should spend riding each day will depend on your ultimate goal. For example, if your end game is competing in a 15-mile competitive race, you may want to work your way up to that distance on three to four rides a week over the course of several weeks.

How Long to Ride for Beginners

Riders who are just starting out gain significant health benefits by logging 20 to 30 minutes each day on a bicycle for men. A regular routine at this amount of time will help you clear your head at the end of a long day or get energized in the morning. Even this moderate amount of cycling has been shown to reduce stress, and can help you sleep better at night. Beginning riders traveling at a leisurely pace can cover about three miles in a 20- to 30-minute cruise, the perfect distance for taking on a short trail or cruising around the neighborhood.

No matter what your goals are, taking yourself out for a spin on two wheels is a fun way to get daily physical activity and increase your fitness level. Turn to a trusted vendor when you’re looking for your bicycle for men or other type of ride, to ensure a quality experience.

Kelly Tate