The Advantages of Introducing a Pet into the Family

For most parents agreeing to bring a pet home and assimilate it into family life is a responsibility they’d rather do without since it somewhat inevitably comes right back to you. You’re often the one who will have to make doubly-sure that it’s fed and that it’s cleaned up after and you’re the one who has to buy it food and take it to the vet should it require professional medical treatment. Despite all of that though, a family pet comes with many advantages which perhaps make it worth all the trouble.

A pet teaches responsibility

So yes, you might have to assume ultimate responsibility for the pet as one of the adults, but you may be surprised at just how the kids may respond to the responsibility of keeping the family pet alive and well. Things may get to a stage where your ultimate responsibility is simply to check up on whether or not everyone has done their bit, if they’re to take it in turns to feed the pet perhaps.

A pet brings a different dimension to family life

I suppose the most likely pet you might be thinking of is a dog, which puts us on the same path because a dog is indeed what popped into my mind when I first got the idea of writing about the advantages of a family pet. So assuming it is indeed a dog as the pet of choice, these definitely bring a whole new dimension to what family life is all about.

If you have kids whose ages are a bit far apart then it’s quite possible that they may find themselves isolated from each other a lot more than say kids who are two or three years apart. Dogs work perfectly to bridge that divide caused by the age gap and one, both or all of your kids will just have another friend to play with.

A welcome addition to the family

If you’re done with the number of kids you want to pop out and raise, a puppy always makes for a great addition to the family. A dog takes a lot less responsibility to raise and since every indication is that the responsibility will be shared in any case, get one if you do indeed want to expand the family.

Bringing the family together

Sometimes it takes a dog to bring the family together, if only just to deliberate over whose turn it is to feed it or clean up its pooh.

The ideal scenario I have in mind however is that of the whole family (including the dog) out in the backyard playing fetch with a Frisbee.

The right pet could add to the security of your household

Again we’d perhaps be talking about dogs here and sometimes all it takes for potential threats to choose to move on from targeting your house is an alarm dog or a guard dog. I’ve heard of people keeping pet snakes and other exotic pets, but a dog would perhaps make sense if we’re talking pets which are suitable for the whole family to get involved in their maintenance.

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Kelly Tate