5 Ways To Lose Weight Quickly

The motivation for losing weight may vary from person to person.  Whether you’ve let yourself go due to poor diet, or perhaps you’re just feeling the effects of your age coming on which inevitably slows down your metabolism.  

In order to lose weight healthily and safely, it’s important to avoid drastic measures which can lead to addiction, eating disorders, and even death.  When it comes to the best ways to lose weight quickly which are still within the recommended safety guidelines, here are some of the best.

Take Supplements

Taking products which are suited for weight loss and boosting metabolism can have potentially huge results.  Depending on what kind of supplements you’re taking, you can find yourself with extremely favorable results in as little as a couple of weeks.

Although there are a lot of products on the market to choose from, try to choose something which isn’t unreasonably expensive and which comes recommended with proven results.  If possible, talk to your doctor about whether they give you the green light after assessing your current bill of health.


There is nothing like a good sweat to get your body burning fat and dropping weight.  By engaging in a regular cardio program which gets your heart rate up to a point where it’s difficult to speak, then you will start to see a big shift in your body’s composition.

Working out for at least 30 minutes a day of engaging in uninterrupted high-intensity cardio will show you results in under a month, and increasing it to as much as an hour will give you even more dramatic results

Eliminate Sugar

Cutting sugar out of your diet is something which a lot of people can benefit from.  Not only is it full of empty calories and creates excess fat when not burned off through exercise, but it’s also the cause of many obesity-related diseases.

Cutting back or eliminating it altogether will give your entire diet a makeover and make you look and feel much better overall.

Intermittent Fasting

As the popularity of intermittent fasting spreads, more and more people are turning to it for the efficacy of the results that it provides.

Taking a break from eating for 16-24 hour intervals will lower insulin levels and the body will burn its reserve fat in the absence of food.

Adjust Your Macros

Seeing a nutritionist and developing an eating program for you which has adjusted macronutrients designed to work towards your individual goals can make a huge difference no your waistline.

Some people respond well to cutting back on carbohydrates lowering fats and increasing protein, while others respond well to higher carbohydrates and fats.  Getting an individualized program suited just for you rather than a general diet will boost your results by as much as double.

Kelly Tate

Kelly Tate

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Kelly Tate