The Chore of Keeping A Kitchen Clean

Home, sweet home. Well, that is, if it’s clean. Keeping a home clean is a constant effort, especially if you have family members living with you. It can feel like a never-ending cycle of cleaning up clutter, washing the dishes, staying on top of the laundry and that’s only the chores inside the home. While it can be a pain at times, keeping your home clean is a way to keep your family healthy and well.

One of the most important places to keep clean to keep everyone safety is the kitchen. The kitchen is constantly used and is where people tend to congregate. The sheer number of implements and tools found as well as their many uses makes keeping the kitchen sanitary a demanding job. For example, how often do you use your microwave? Once a day? Twice? More often? It should be wiped clean of any food that boils over or spills. The same goes for your stovetop, whether it’s electric or gas. Wiping the surface immediately helps food from getting caked or stuck, making for easier cleanup.

The sink is another tool that should be rinsed after use. Sweeping the floor repeatedly helps you avoid the buildup of dirt and grime. Regular mopping can keep your floor sparkling and prevent you from tracking food into other areas of your home. Regardless of whether you clean your kitchen on the regular or do so only once in a while, there are some cleaning myths that may damage it. The accompanying resource describes five common cleaning faux pas.


Kelly Tate