What Cooking & Food Teach us about Time Management

Today we’re going a little way beyond the kitchen with the wisdom to be shared, touching on one of the greatest lessons life has to teach us in time-management. If you actually think about it life as we know it today is one big time management experiment, isn’t it? It’s all about how you manage your time and if you manage it well then you enjoy a greater quality of life.

There are so many different angles from which this can be explored and for the sake of keeping the discussion within the general theme of this blog I’ll do so via the various industries which exist around food.

When passion meets time invested

Consider the glittering career of a chef who discovered their passion for cooking at a very young age, first dazzling their friends and family with their natural cooking ability and then perhaps going on to qualify as one of the finest chefs around. Magic is made when time is invested in the development of one’s passion, with the best approach to this being that of investing time into a passion through which you can earn some good money out of your pursuit of it.

Using time wisely

It would serve no positive purpose at all if you had an entire 24 hours to prepare a dish that can be prepared in a couple of hours, would it? That’s another lesson food and cooking teach us – time needs to be used wisely and it doesn’t necessarily mean that every single thing in this earth gets better with time. Not everything matures “like a fine wine,” to use a cliché.

Some sea fish varieties which are best chemically cooked with something like some lemon and lime juice are best consumed within minutes of being taken out of the ocean, for example, which is why you’d often have the fishermen munching on them while they’re out on their fishing trips.

Another way to look at it is from the point of view of the time spent out fishing versus the time spend perhaps putting together a strong and effective fishing net. Often it just depends on the situation as a dictator of which option makes for a better one than the other…

Time is very closely related to convenience

On the other side of the fence is when time becomes somewhat of a luxury. For example, if you have the whole day to cook a rack of lamb then you have the luxury of time to make it taste the best it can ever taste via slow-cooking until the meat falls off the bone if you merely touch it with a fork! There are times when the convenience contained in time is crucial though, such as how you might still want to eat healthily regardless of the fact that you don’t have time to cook.

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Kelly Tate

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