Remembering to Stop and Sniff the Flowers

Of all the joys parenthood brings, one of the greatest is indeed how children change your perspective on life. They sort of bring with them the innocence you once possessed and make it a part of your life again, if only from the point of view of you wanting to preserver their innocence for as long as you possibly can.

Yes, the world suddenly shows its ugly face — the face that represents just how dangerous of a place it is and can be, but children teach us where and how to look for its prettier, more beautiful and joyous side. I mean you just have to watch your children playing outside to realise that actually we have everything we need to just live and be happy. A child will find many creative ways to keep themselves entertained and the truly profound thing about that is that they don’t see it that way. They don’t view it as finding ways to keep themselves occupied, but rather see it as exploring this new world to which they’ve arrived.

This is true even in the age of Smartphones, Tablets and computers which kids seem to have a natural affinity with.

I mean is there any greater satisfaction and joy than that of hearing your children laughing, expressing their pure joy and happiness?

Children remind us to stop for a little while, take a step back and enjoy all which we’ve been given by default, or perhaps even the little we’ve worked hard for. So of all the things that parenthood teaches you, let this be one of the main lessons you take away — take some time out to stop and sniff the flowers so that you can enjoy the simpler things in life which are always within your reach.

When it hasn’t rained for a while I kind of miss the rain and I take great pleasure in catching the scent of the damp earth as the wind blows it through the living room. Many of my guests can’t quite understand just why I love to keep the sliding door wide open when it rains and inevitably have to wipe the tiles of some rainwater which has blown in. I reckon it’s worth it and that’s just one of the many simple pleasures which life has for us if we simply took the time to stop, look around and explore a bit with the heart of a child.

Yes we do indeed live in what can be justifiably said to be a world which places way too much emphasis on economics and money to be more specific, but the onus is on you to call yourself to order a bit and decide where to draw the line. Before you know it, you’ll look up and realise that all you’ve been working for forms nothing but a vicious circle of trying to make money so that you can afford to pay off a house which stands empty most of the time because you’re always at work — err, trying to pay off the house…

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