Keeping up with a Multi-Talented Child’s Needs

It perhaps applies to grown-ups as well that when you find something you’re really good at, you begin to really enjoy it and perhaps want to spend most if not all your time doing it, but even more so with kids because they’re at a stage in their lives when they’re encouraged (hopefully) to try out as many of the things life has to offer as they can. Children naturally want to try things out in any case and they definitely have the time since they don’t quite have all the responsibilities we adults do.

What happens when your child excels at just about everything they try though? It happens quite a lot that a child is gifted in being able to master the process of learning, which is why you get over-achievers who just excel at everything, from the books to the sports fields. I mean buying all the equipment required for just one sporting code can work out to be really expensive on its own so you can just imagine how heavy it would be on the pocket if your child went very far up the ranks in many different activities they’re encouraged to take part in.

Offer Your Moral Support

Okay, so the first port of call is indeed to just be supportive of the endeavours to which your child’s inquisitiveness leads them. You can think about the financial side of things in a bit and with a little creativity you can ease the financial burden quite considerably by taking an active role in your child’s academic, cultural and sporting endeavours.

So attend your child’s cricket, hockey, football, rugby matches or whatever else they’re participating in, whenever possible of course because I know that you’re probably working on the afternoons when the school games are usually on. If it’s during the weekend however and you’re not working then you have no excuse at all.

Even something like volunteering to drive the school team back after one of their matches will do to show your support, but the important thing is to support your child, even when they may seem to be losing a bit of interest or motivation.

Rally the Other Soccer Moms

Okay, so I’m sure you’ve probably guessed that by soccer moms I’m not just referring to parents of kids who play football as their chosen sporting activity, but rather just any sport or any extra curricular activity. You can even make it something formal like the Sports Kids Parents Association or something along those lines — the important thing is to come together with the other parents.

Once you’ve gotten together with all the other sports kids’ parents it then becomes easier to raise funds in support of all your childrens’ sporting endeavours, such as perhaps ordering equipment in bulk or even running fundraising campaigns or soliciting sponsorships. You’ll be surprised at just how generous corporations and the likes can be if they hear that the cause they’re being solicited to support involves school kids staying out of trouble and engaging in organised, constructive activities.

It’s a good opportunity for them to plough back into the community and get a bit of exposure through advertising as well.

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