Wine Accessories That Make Your Cellar Feel Complete

How many times have you invited company over to partake in a tasting, or because you wanted to crack open that bottle of Merlot you’d been saving, only to fiddle for half an hour trying to find a corkscrew that you knew would get the job done? How many times has your cork broken off and fallen straight into the bottle, soiling the selection? Here’s a tip for aspiring wine connoisseurs – invest in some accessories; they will make entertaining a lot less stressful, and they’ll help you to look like a pro while doing it.


While some new world wine or cheaper bottles can be bought uncorked, the good stuff will typically require a corkscrew. If you’re a smart consumer, you’re probably already buying your wine online through a retailer like WineOnline, so why not check out these awesome wine accessories on offer online. Your best options are going to be portable and simple to use, like the Covert Pocket Corkscrew by True available in a variety of different colours. This design packs the power of a traditional corkscrew into a sleek black sheath that doubles as a durable handle. For under three dollars a piece, collect a couple and slip them into kitchen drawers, pockets or purses so you’re ready for any occasion. You can also invest in the Truetap Double-Hinged Corkscrew; complete with an integrated bottle opener and serrated foil cutter – it’s one of the most versatile available.

Foil Cutters

If you’re a fan of bubbly, a foil cutter is a must. The Shear 4 Blade Foil Cutter by True in black or burgundy colours has flex-grip and is made from tough ABS plastic; it even includes four blades for quick and seamless cutting. Speaking of sparkling, why not keep that prosecco or cava crisp with a Fizz Chrome Champagne Stopper? It’s even got an easy push down seal so you can keep the party going.

Wine Stoppers

Sparkling isn’t the only type of wine you want to keep fresh, especially if you’ve opened up a rare vintage that the company intends to sip slowly over the course of the soiree. With Starburst Silicone Bottle Stoppers, all you need to do is pick a few of your favourite colours and your wine is preserved all night long. These are also great for when you pop open a bottle late in the night and want to refrigerate for the next evening. Find them for an affordable price at Wine Online while you shop for that perfect bottle!

Bottle Carriers

Sometimes you need your wine to be as mobile as you are, especially if you’re transporting a prized selection to a colleague’s house or to an event. Safeguard your bottles against cracks and breaks with bottle carriers by Marketplace; they are sturdy while remaining light weight and they’re even foldable and easy to put away after use. What’s nice is there is also a section cut out in the carrier, enabling you to show off the label.

Shatterproof Stemless Glasses

Hosting parties can oftentimes damage some of your best glassware. Invest in a few shatterproof options like the Flexi Stemless Wine Glasses by True; they’re made from plastic so they will never splinter, and they’re great for the outdoors too when the warmer seasons come back around.

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