5 Wedding Tips

Have you started the countdown for the big day?

Wedding planning can be fun, but it can also be more than stressful. Expressions like “bridezilla” exist because planning a day like this can be overwhelming, especially without the right support, enough time, and without the right plan. If you are a bride that has started to feel the pressure – relax. This day is going to meet all of your expectations, as long as you learn how to relax and have fun while planning the wedding. If anything, planning a wedding can be a bonding experience between your friends and your family, and our best advice is to try to involve the people around you.

In this article, we’re going to give you 6 of our best wedding planning tips.

1. Start planning as soon as possible

Have you saved the date yet?

Start planning as soon as possible, and try to have a 1-2 year plan. Although people have planned larger weddings in three months or less – we do not recommend it. Planning a party this far ahead will give you enough time to book a wedding venue, a band, a photographer and so on. It will also give your guests enough time to plan and to save up some money if they don’t live close by. Not to mention give you enough time to enjoy, and look forward to the planning of what is probably going to be one of the best days ever.

Remember, there’s no need to rush it – you’re going to be together for the rest of your lives, right?

2. Involve friends and family

Involve your friends and family. Not only are you going to bond, but you’re probably also going to save a lot of money by involving the people around you. They can help you create the decorations, find the right dress, and they may also have a friend of a friend who plays in a band, who caters, who’s a professional photographer and so on and so forth.

An average wedding in the UK costs about £17,913 per couple (!), so using your network gives you a great opportunity to personalize your wedding, and to save money.

3. Photographer

Are you like most of us, who thinks the best memories are captured in beautiful photos? Many couples regret not booking a professional photographer throughout the whole day. The photos your friends and family captures aren’t going to be as well captured as a professional photographer will do it. This is because professional photographers are there to do their job, and they will keep an eye on every moment and happening throughout the day.

Book the photographer as soon as possible to get the best one. Check out this Instagram account for some wedding photo inspo :@wedding.photo.inspiration

4. Venue

Where will the reception be held? Pick a venue that is not only suitable for your budget, but also for what resembles you as a couple. You’re allowed to be creative – it’s your wedding! It doesn’t matter if it’s on a beach, in a castle, in a concert hall, at a hotel, or even in the woods or up in the mountains – it’s your day.

And remember, with beautiful decorations and a thorough venue plan, your photos are going to be even better.

5. Enjoy your day

Enjoy your wedding planning, but last but not least – remember to enjoy your day.

Kelly Tate